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The Tabby From Away Who Came to Stay

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"In this delightful rhyming tale, a neglected, abandoned tabby cat pops out of the potato sack he's been stuffed into and sets off to explore his new surroundings, the beautiful, historic town of Lunenburg, Nova Scotia. This feline Oliver Twist has adventures on the deck of the Bluenose II, the film set of a hit TV show, and in the old Gallow's Hill graveyard when confronted by a gang of local bullies. Along the way he sees some beautiful sights: famous churches and inns and a breathtaking castle-the Lunenburg Academy-on the top of the hill. Just across the street there lives a little girl who has been pining away for a cat just like this one. But it's going to take a lot of convincing and a lucky accident to get this tabby and this girl together". 

James D. Bradford is both author and illustrator in this wonderful adventure for all ages. It is a best-selling book that focuses on everything great and interesting about our town of Lunenburg, Nova Scotia. James resides with his family in the pink "Cake House" in Lunenburg, which is featured on the cover of the book.