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The Queen and the Skipper: The Story of Bluenose (DVD)

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 Eighty years ago when men went to sea in wooden ships, she was the Queen of the North Atlantic. Bluenose was the fastest deep-water fishing schooner ever to sail the Grand Banks and for nearly two decades, she dominated the International Fishermen's Trophy races. Even well past her prime, waterlogged by 18 fishing seasons and battered by the fiercest Atlantic storms, Bluenose could not be beaten. This is the story not only of the Queen but of her Captain, Angus Walters. For 22 years they faced every new challenger and beat them all. But in the end, it was age and economics that defeated them.

DVD special feature: In a 1959 treasure from the archives of CBC Halifax, Captain Angus Walters sits on a pier in Halifax harbour with CBC journalist Lloyd McInnis and reminisces about his life at sea as master and owner of Bluenose.

The Queen and her Skipper is our best-selling DVD, we often play this documentary in store so we may share this incredible true story with our followers, both old and new alike.

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