Where in the World? A Look at Our 2019 Season.

Posted by Janet MacIsaac on

Here at the Bluenose II Company Store we are fortunate in that we get to meet people from all over the world every year. This season we thought to put a map up in our store so people could pin where they were visiting us from.

While this map does not represent the actual number of people we had visiting, it does offer a unique perspective on the influence that travel and tourism have on our small community. We appreciate all of our visitors (both near and far) and truly enjoy talking with and learning about everyone.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank those that have come in the past, and to welcome those that may visit in the future. Nova Scotia is an amazing province to explore, with many vibrant and scenic communities you will enjoy!

Best Regards,

The Bluenose II Company Store 


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