Streets of Lunenburg Chocolate

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These delicious, handmade chocolates from Lunenburg Rum Cakes feature many of the prominent and historical streets of Lunenburg. Chocolate has been charmingly packaged, complete with a map that indicates the street of your particular selection.


Bluenose Drive is a delightful combination of dark chocolate and sea salt, straight from our South shore!


Townsend Street is creamy milk chocolate that has been sprinkled with sea salt straight from the ocean on our stunning South Shore.


York Street is a blend of creamy milk chocolate, sliced, and whole roasted almonds. 

Kaulbach Street features creamy white chocolate, pistachio's, orange oil, and dried cranberries from Terra Beata Farms.


Fox Street is rich, dark chocolate blended with natural orange oil.


Tannery Road trail bark is made with dark chocolate infused with natural orange oil. Topped with toasted almonds and pecans, Terra Beata cranberries, and Hutchinson’smaple sugar.


Pelham Street Is a combination of creamy milk chocolate that's been laced and topped with Hutchinson’s Farm Maple Sugar, creating the perfect amount of sweetness and crunch!


King Street is rich dark chocolate, stuffed and coated with finely ground espresso beans from Laughing Whale Coffee Roasters.


Allergy Alert:


Chocolate contains soy. Depending on the selection, it may contain nuts, milk, and wheat. 


Visit Lunenburg Rum Cakes at for more information, including a complete ingredient list.


Store in a cool dry place.


*Does not ship in extreme heat.

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