Half Hull Model by James Rhodenizer

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Half hull ship models were used by maritime designers to refine the shape of a boat’s hull based on design plan, before valuable time and money were committed to the building of the actual vessel. These Bluenose II half hull models were crafted by James Rhodenizer, a master boat builder for over 45 years, whose skills and craftsmanship could be admired on ships such as the Bluenose II, the Atlantica and the Tree of Life. Mr. Rhodenizer had garnered much acclaim and received some prestigious awards throughout his distinguished career and though now retired, he still builds boats - just on a smaller scale.

These particular half hull models were made from locally sourced maple and are available in two different finishes - maple/stain and maple/red (please indicate your selection in the comment section of your order). They are quite exceptional and would make a wonderful addition to the home, boat or as a meaningful gift for the mariner in your life.