Coin Set - Royal Canadian Mint 100th Anniversary of Bluenose Commemorative Collection

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 "Be part of the celebration! Canada’s 2021 10-cent coin commemorates the 100th anniversary of the launch of Bluenose, the famous Nova Scotia schooner that has graced our 10-cent coins since 1937. The 2021 commemorative dime is available as either a struck-only or coloured coin (it’s our first coloured dime), but both are included in this keepsake collection of Canadian circulation coins.

Special features:
  • A 100-YEAR LEGACY! This year (2021) marks the 100th anniversary of the launch of Bluenose, the pride of Nova Scotia and a Canadian icon! The centennial is commemorated on Canada’s 2021 10-cent circulation coin, which is twice featured in this set.
  • FIRST COLOURED DIME! Your keepsake set includes two versions of the 2021 10-cent Bluenose coin. Both share the same design, but the coloured coin highlights the deep blue sea.
  • A MODERN TAKE ON A CLASSIC! The 10-cent coin’s reverse offers a modern take on the classic Bluenose portrait that has been a fixture on Canada’s 10-cent circulation coin since 1937.
  • A STORY WITHIN A STORY! This is the second chapter of a story that continues on several coins in 2021. It’s part of our yearlong celebration of Bluenose’s journey, from design to launch and throughout its racing years, as well as the schooner’s enduring legacy.
  • READY TO DISPLAY! All seven coins in this set come packaged in a ready-to-display collector card, which adds to the story told on the 10-cent coins.
  • YOUR 2021 CIRCULATION COINS: This keepsake features seven (7) Canadian circulation coins issued in 2021:
    • 5-cent coin
    • struck-only 10-cent Bluenose coin
    • coloured 10-cent Bluenose coin
    • 10-cent coin
    • 25-cent coin
    • $1 coin
    • $2 coin
  • PRIDE OF LUNENBURG, N.S.: Artist Yves Bérubé, who also designed the 2021 Proof Dollar, is based in Lunenburg, N.S., where Bluenose was proudly built, launched and moored until 1942.

About the 10-cent coin
The reverse design by Canadian marine artist Yves Bérubé is double-dated (“1921 - 2021”) to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the launch of Canada’s most famous ship. The engraved portrait shows Bluenose under full sail and heeled to port on the open ocean, which is painted blue on the coloured coin. The obverse features the effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II by Susanna Blunt.

As I look out of my studio window, I glimpse Bluenose II and take a moment to imagine how it might have been for the Bluenose crew during the voyage home. As bearers of perhaps yet another trophy, the pride felt by the crew and Captain Angus Walters must have been enormous! In Lunenburg Harbour, they would have been greeted by cheering crowds of people who were proud of the crew’s accomplishments and happy to see them home, safe and sound. I worked to capture some of that sentiment in this design.”   - Yves Bérubé

Did you know?
  • There was nothing blue about Bluenose—the ship’s hull was painted black and red with a yellow stripe. “Bluenose” is a nickname for Nova Scotians, and the use of the term dates back to at least 1785.
  • Seven other ships bore the name Bluenose before the famous schooner, and all were built in New Brunswick or Nova Scotia shipyards.
  • A newly built Bluenose was launched with great fanfare on March 26, 1921. But Bluenose was the star of another special event that took place three months prior when the Duke of Devonshire (then Governor General of Canada) was invited to drive a golden spike in a formal keel-laying ceremony.

An easy and affordable way to add Canada’s 2021 circulation coins—including both versions of the Bluenose commemorative dime—to your collection".

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