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My Goat Gertrude

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"Starr Dobson is a little girl living in a big, rambling house in the country with her family and lots of pets--including a mischievous goat, Gertrude Allawishes, who is known for eating anything and everything. One day Starr's cousin Leanne comes to visit, but this time, she's only brought one chocolate bar and doesn't want to share with Starr. Before either Starr or Leanne realize what is happening, Gertrude arrives and solves the problem! Although names have been changed to protect certain cousins (who usually shared their chocolate just fine), Starr's account of Gertrude Allawishes and her bizarre tastes is absolutely true!". 

My Goat Gertrude is a fun read for the whole family and is sure to get some giggles from the little ones. This book is beautifully illustrated by Dayle Dodwell and written by Starr Dobson, a well known and acclaimed Canadian journalist who resides with her family in Halifax, Nova scotia.